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Barclays, Expedia and the AA are just three of the companies who have enjoyed our treasure hunts ... now it's your turn!

Corporate Events

A treasure hunt is a cost-effective alternative to conventional outdoor corporate events, company fun days and away days.

Team Building

A treasure hunt is an innovative and highly motivational take on conventional team building events. No more moans and groans from staff about team building days.


Inspire your delegates before, during or after your conference with a treasure hunt. The perfect ice-breaker or refresher activity.

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Team building that actually works!

Team building is an essential tool for every business who want to be the best in their field. The problem is that is is often perceived as a chore. But not any more - a corporate treasure hunt is the solution ...

  • motivational - it's fun and sociable
  • engaging - there is always something to be doing
  • uses key workplace skills - communication, problem solving and negotiation to name just three
  • challenging - teams must plan their route and will lose points for being late back!
  • flexible - whole day, part day - you choose

All of these come together to make an effective corporate team building event. We could go on at length about the other benefits, if you really want to know more...

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Image: team building activity.
Image: team building activity.

The antidote to conventional corporate events

A corporate treasure hunt offers you something different to the run-of-the-mill corporate event. Instead of groups standing around waiting for their turn on the speedyquads, Sinclair C5's, bows and arrows or whatever, everyone is involved for the whole event.

As well as the clues and the team photo challenges, there is the shopping list and word game too. For full details ...

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How to refresh and motivate conference delegates

A corporate treasure hunt is the perfect way to break the ice for your conference. Delegates who have never met before soon get to know each other. Barriers are broken down and your conference will be more animated and successful

And if the conference is a long one - a treasure hunt is the perfect refresher. It takes minds off the conference for a few hours, sharpening concentration for the next session. For full details ...

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Image: team building activity.
Image: team building activity.

How your treasure hunt will work

Most of our corporate treasure hunt clients opt for the fully managed paper version. Each team is supplied with a treasure hunt booklet containing the clues, photo tasks and other challenges. The event is introduced and run by one of our specialist treasure hunt event managers meaning that you gain maximum benefit from your event. DIY and smartphone versions are also available.

No set route

There is no set route which avoids the usual treasure hunt 'procession' of teams following each other around. Teams need to choose the areas they will visit carefully in order to maximise the points that they can gain. If the goal of your event is team building, your staff need to work as a team right from the outset. One of the few 'rules' are that teams must remain together for the duration of your event.

There are more clues, tasks and challenges than could possibly be completed in the time available. To win the 'treasure', teams need to plan their other tactics and decide who will work on the word game, who will take responsibility for the shopping list and the photo tasks and so on. Timing is crucial, any teams arriving back even just a few minutes after the appointed time, will lose a shed load of points. Find out more...

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How your company will benefit from a corporate treasure hunt ...

Fully customised

We don't mean just branding each page with your company name.Your benefit? It is more relevant to your business and a more satisfying event.


If you are running a conference or multi-activity event, your treasure hunt can be slotted in when you need it and run for as long or as little time as required. The benefit to you is that if other events are running late, it simply won't matter for the treasure hunt.

Unlimited venues

You specify the venue - Oxfordshire country house hotel grounds, the East end of London, Newcastle city centre or llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll. We have plenty of treasure hunts that have already been prepared but are happy to prepare new ones for your specific venue.


You can have a version managed by an experienced events manager, DIY version, on-paper version, smartphone or tablet PC version to suit your company ethos.

Designed to use workplace skills

All teams will need to use a range of skills - negotiation, planning, initiative, lateral thinking and of course communication. Your treasure hunt can therefore be used as a corporate event or team building.

Shopping list and word game

Everyone is involved right from the start and there is always something to do. The benefit to you is that individuals will not get bored waiting for their 'turn'.


More clues than can be answered in the time available. Teams need to decide which areas they can visit adding variety and interest to the event.

No set route

Other providers have a set route. We don't. Teams will meet during the event so it is still fun and sociable making it memorable for the right reasons.

We just do treasure hunts

'We' are Hunt for Treasure. Established in the 'noughties', we were one of the original providers of corporate treasure hunts. Experience counts and ensures you receive a top quality event. We are contracted by other corporate entertainment and team building companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts.

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